5 principal reason why electrical engineers are jobless

1 – High competition

The job market for electrical engineers is highly competitive. This is because many people are qualified to do this type of work. The number of people who can work in this field has increased in recent years. This has led to many people looking for jobs, but few opportunities are available.

Because so many people are looking for jobs, companies can be picky about who they hire. They often look for candidates who have the best skills and qualifications. This means that it can be difficult for electrical engineers to find work.

There are some things that electrical engineers can do to improve their chances of finding a job. They can network with other professionals and attend job fairs.

They can also keep their skills up to date by taking classes and attending workshops.

2 – don’t apply at the right time

Some Electrical engineers stay without a job because they do not apply at the right time. The best time to apply for a job is when the company first starts advertising the position. This is happening at the end of school exams meaning between April, may till June.

3 – they talk about themselves more than their experiences

Some people may think electrical engineers are jobless because they don’t have the necessary skills. However, that is not the case.

The real reason why electrical engineers are unemployed is that they talk about themselves more than their experiences.

They focus too much on their accomplishments and not enough on what they can do for the company. As a result, they don’t stand out from the competition and end up losing out to other candidates.

If electrical engineers want to find a job, they need to focus on their experiences rather than accomplishments. They need to show potential employers how they can benefit the company and how they can help them achieve their goals.

the killer example that most future applicant electrical engineers have to do is to talk about their experiences in interviews, and what they know to do.

For example, try to talk about an electrical engineering problem you solved, this is the most famous question people stuck into and make them lose their job.

4 – they say they know everything

When it comes to finding a job, electrical engineers may have the most difficult time. Many employers say these engineers are often too cocky and believe they know everything.

Electrical engineering is a complex and ever-changing field, so employers are looking for candidates willing to learn new things. Additionally, many electrical engineers are unwilling to relocate, limiting their job prospects.

you have to say exactly what you know because it is impossible to know everything if you know:

  • programming FPGA, you have to say that
  • programming in microcontroller type ARM, you have to say that

But saying you know everything indicates that you don’t know anything, which hugely reduces the possibility of being accepted. Because they will finally ask you, and you will be stuck in the first of your question, which is not good at all.

In addtion, saying that you don’t know this particular indicating have good self-esteem and confidence. You will give them an impression of a person that he know what he do, not just throwing words without any sense.

5 – don’t craft appealing resumes

Regarding joblessness, electrical engineers are at the top of the list. Many people wonder why this is so, and the answer is quite simple: they don’t craft appealing resumes.

A resume is one of an engineer’s most essential tools when seeking a new job. It is their opportunity to showcase their skills and experience clearly and concisely. Sadly, many engineers do not take advantage of this opportunity. As a result, they often find themselves struggling to find employment.

There are several things that electrical engineers can do to make their resumes more appealing to potential employers.

One of the most important things is to ensure that they are well-written. This means using proper grammar and spelling and providing that all information is accurate. It also helps to use keywords relevant to the position you are applying for.

3 steps to increase your chances of being employed as an electrical engineer

1 – start working on electrical or electrical projects

There is a growing demand for electrical engineers, and one way to increase your chances of being employed in this field is to start working on electrical or electronics projects. This will give you experience and knowledge in the field and make you more competitive when applying for jobs.

You can also look for internships or apprenticeships with companies that work in electrical engineering to gain more experience. Keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and network with other professionals in the field.

2 take a lot of internships

To increase one’s chances of being employed as an electrical engineer, it is beneficial to take a lot of internships. Internships allow individuals to gain hands-on experience in the electrical engineering field, making them more desirable candidates to potential employers. Additionally, internships can help individuals build their professional networks, leading to employment opportunities.

3 – network with people in the industry

Networking with people in the industry is the best way to increase your chances of being employed as an electrical engineer. By talking to professionals in the field, you can learn about what companies are hiring, what skills are in demand, and what kind of work you might be interested in. Additionally, networking can help you build relationships with potential employers and create a support system for when you are looking for a job.


In conclusion, electrical engineers are jobless because the industry is changing. There are many new opportunities in other industries, such as computer engineering and software development. Electrical engineers should consider retraining to stay competitive in the job market.

But you have to know that electrical engineering is one of the most challenging industry and require a good foundation in electricity and electronics. Especially prevent your capabilities in a domain that is based so much on how much experience you have as by working a lot on projects.

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