can a computer engineer work as an electrical engineer?

Computer engineers and electrical engineers have a lot of overlap in their job duties, but there are some important distinctions between the two careers.

Computer engineers design and build computer systems, while electrical engineers design and build electrical systems. Electrical engineering is a more traditional engineering field that has been around for centuries, while computer engineering is a newer field that only emerged in the 1950s.

There is some overlap in the skills required for these two careers. Both computer engineers and electrical engineers need to be able to understand complex systems and solve problems. However, computer engineers need to be especially skilled in programming and software development, while electrical engineers need to be especially skilled in circuit design and electromagnetics.

There are many different specialties within computer engineering and electrical engineering, so it’s possible for someone with a degree in one of these fields to work in a related specialty.

in this post, we’ll respond fairly to this question by discovering the best and most famous jobs that computer engineers can work as electrical engineers, so keep following to know all details about this subject.

can a computer engineer work as an electrical engineer?

Yes, a computer engineer can work as an electrical engineer. However, a computer engineer typically has a more specialized degree in electrical engineering than someone who is an electrical engineer they focus on computers and electronics alone. while electrical engineers are broad and focused on many areas. they get training in the design and development of electrical systems, including power grids and electrical machines.

Typically, a computer engineer would have more coursework and training in the design and development of hardware and software for computing devices. but the principal overlap that makes computer engineering and electrical engineering close to each other is hardware and software programming which is called embedded systems.

if you are an electrical or computer engineer you can work as an embedded system engineer without any problem, so what is an embedded system?

what is an embedded systems engineering

Embedded systems engineering is the process of designing and developing software and hardware to control machines or devices.

The embedded system is a key component of many products and can be found in everything from cars to refrigerators. Embedded systems engineers use their knowledge of computer science and electrical engineering to create these systems.

They must have a strong understanding of both hardware and software, as well as the ability to work with different teams to create a cohesive product.

In its simple definition, embedded systems engineering is the process of designing, testing, and manufacturing electronics that are used in devices like cars, phones, and watches.

Embedded systems engineers use software and hardware to create systems that can be controlled and monitored remotely. For example, embedded systems engineers might create a system that can turn on the headlights in a car when it gets dark outside.

5 principal jobs that computer engineers can work as an electrical engineer

1 – Robotics engineer

A computer engineer typically designs and builds the digital systems that control robots, while a robotics engineer focuses on the motion and positioning of robotic limbs and joints, as well as programming robots to carry out specific tasks. Many computer engineers also have skills in robotics and may work as robotics engineers if they have advanced training in the design and use of robots.

2 – electronics engineer

A computer engineer can work as an electronics engineer by taking a complex set of academic courses in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and digital design. This combination of courses will give them the skills they need to design and develop digital systems, including computers, processors, and circuits. They will also have a strong understanding of how to apply these technologies in practical applications.

but luckily most of these courses are though in computer science programs they just have to dig deeper and revise these subjects because electronics engineers focus on more than computer engineers.

3 – system engineer

Computer engineers design and develop computer hardware and software. They may also work as system engineers, which is a role that requires them to oversee the overall operation of a computer system. In this role, they might be responsible for things like system performance, capacity planning, and security. They might also be responsible for developing and implementing procedures for managing and monitoring the system.

4 – microelectronics engineer

Some computer engineers may specialize in microelectronics, which is the study and design of very small electronic devices. This may include designing transistors, capacitors, and other electronic components that are used in computers and other electronic devices. Microelectronics engineers must have a strong understanding of physics and electrical engineering, as well as experience with computer-aided design (CAD) software.

5- software electronics engineer

Computer engineers design and develop hardware and software systems for computers. They may work as software electronics engineers, developing software to run on electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. To do this, they must have a good understanding of the principles of electronics and software development, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the devices they are working with. They must also be able to work collaboratively with other engineers and developers to create high-quality products.


In conclusion, computer engineers can work as electrical engineers, but they may have to take additional coursework to do so. Electrical engineering is a more specialized field than computer engineering, and those who want to work as electrical engineers should be prepared for a rigorous course load. However, with the right preparation, computer engineers can make an excellent transition into the field of electrical engineering.

But the transition is still doable and not hard according to the biggest overlap between these 2 engineering majors. As we said before all these 5 engineering jobs are belonging to embedded systems which is an excellent domain for you asking this question.

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