can engineering jobs be outsourced

Some people believe that because engineering requires a high level of expertise and is often critical to a company’s success, outsourcing these jobs will never become common practice. Others argue that as technology advances and the cost of labor in countries like India and China continues to decrease, more and more engineering jobs will be sent overseas.

in this post, we’re going to discuss this subject from different angles and respond to the question which is:

will engineering jobs be outsourced?

will engineering jobs be outsourced?

The truth is that no one can predict with certainty what the future holds for engineering jobs. However, there are some factors that could lead to an increase in outsourcing. For example, companies often outsource IT functions because they can get better technical support at a lower cost.

And as more products are being designed and developed electronically, there is an increasing demand for engineers with specialized skills in areas like embedded systems and software development.

but finally, there is no worry if you are thinking about losing your job in front of outsourced companies because finally, the government will not allow that. In addition, there are many engineering jobs that is impossible to outsource, so there is no worry to panic about this thing.

some engineering jobs will be outsourced it is a fact, but the most interesting thing today is a potential opportunity that the lockdown has opened which is working remotely or from home. Today a lot of engineering jobs are managed remotely in a way that we couldn’t expect at all, meaning a lot of engineers are working from home or remotely including many engineering occupations like software engineering and embedded systems.

In the end, you have to understand that a government’s goal is to fight against unemployment, so it will not let that happen in a complete way, they force companies to hire a lot of portion of people locally or at least from the same country, but there is no problem to have awareness about some engineering jobs that can be affected by this problem.

In the next paragraph, we’re going to list some jobs that are risky to be outsourced more than any other engineering occupation.

here are the 5 principal jobs that have more ability to be outsourced than other engineering occupations:

1 – software engineering

Software engineering is easily outsourced because it can be done from a remote location. For example, if you wanted to outsource your software engineering, you could find a company that does software engineering from another country. This is because the work can be done through a computer, and does not require face-to-face interaction.

2 – game engineering

Game engineering is easily outsourced because it is a creative field that does not require a lot of special machines or tools, you only need to have a good computer and necessary software to work with in addition to enough experience to create games

. For example, a company that creates video games can hire someone in India to create the artwork for the game, someone in Russia to create the programming code, and someone in the United States to design the gameplay. This allows the company to get high-quality work done at a lower cost than if they had hired employees in-house.

3 – cryptography

Cryptography is easily outsourced because it is a mathematical process that can be done by computers and human knowledge mathematics and comptuer science.

You don’t need to buy specific materials meaning you can work from anywhere or a company can hire another company to do work for them, as long as having good skills or talent, because cryptography is a heavier math subject. It is not easy to protect computers and sensible systems from being hacked or attacked.

4 – web developer

Web development is easily outsourced because it is a skill that can be learned relatively easily and does not require a lot of expensive equipment. For example, a person who wants to learn how to develop websites can watch online tutorials or read articles online.

Additionally, web development does not require a lot of physical space, so it can be done from anywhere in the world. you just need to have a computer and put a lot of work to learn the process.

5 – design engineering

Design engineering is easy to be outsourced because it is the process of designing a product and figuring out how it will work. Design engineers are not forced to work outside or attend to factories all they have to do is to sit in front of their computer and design their project using different tools like CAD and solid work is a 100% desk job.

you could read this read article and add a link to desk job engineering

Engineering jobs that are impossible to be outsourced

we’re going to list the 5 engineering job example that is impossible to be fully outsourced:

1 – environmental engineering

It is impossible to outsource environmental engineering because it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the local environment and its needs in order to properly engineer solutions that work. For example, if you want to study a specific location, you need to attend to this local place and understand the geography of the area and what type of soil and rock is present to finish your studies.

2 – mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the process of designing and creating machines. This is a very complex process that takes a lot of skill and knowledge. It is impossible to outsource because it requires a lot of hands-on work and experience. For example, if you want to create a machine that can fold clothes, you would need to know how to design the machine, how to build it, and how to make sure it works properly.

3 – aerospace engineering

Engineers who design and build aircraft and spacecraft are called aerospace engineers. They need to know a lot about math and physics, and they need to be able to work with metal and other materials to create their products.

It is very difficult to outsource this kind of work because the people doing it need to have a lot of knowledge and skills that are impossible to be learned or duplicated in addition this job requires making a lot of site tests before validating products.

4 – transportation engineering

Transportation engineering is impossible to outsource because it involves planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of transportation systems. This work is too complex and specialized to be done by someone who is not familiar with the intricacies of transportation systems. For example, you could not outsource the design of a new highway system to someone in India because they would not be familiar with the traffic patterns and needs of drivers in the United States.

5 – geomatic engineering

Geomatic engineering is the process of creating and managing maps and other spatial information. It is impossible to outsource because it requires intimate knowledge of the local area in order to capture all of the necessary data. For example, a company in India would not be able to create a map of Boston because they would not know all of the streets and landmarks unless they be present or come to America.


so as we’ve seen in the article some engineering jobs can be outsourced but they will be total because there are laws that protect employees in this case. And some others are impossible to outsource like environmental engineering because of their nature.

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